Audiology Services

The professionals at Parker & Castle Rock Centers for Audiology have been providing hearing health care and audiology services for the residents of Douglas County at our offices in Parker and Castle Rock since 1994. We proudly provide individual treatment for all age ranges - from infant through seniors - at both of our locations.

Our audiology services include:

• Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
• Tinnitus Evaluation and Management
• Prescription and Fitting of Hearing Aids
• Follow-up Care
• Repair

Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

Will help to determine whether you have hearing loss, its extent, and the possible cause, as well as, treatment options.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Tinnitus is a condition that is often associated with hearing loss, when people experience a buzzing, humming or ringing in their ears. Our professionals can help recommend a course of action to deal with this persistent problem. Some hearing aids can even help you manage the condition.

Prescription and Fitting of Hearing Aids

If you are a candidate for hearing aids, we offer the most technologically advanced digital hearing aids and a variety of options designed to meet your budget. 

Follow-Up Care

We recommend that you bring your hearing aids into either our Parker or Castle Rock location for routine maintenance and cleaning every 4-6 months.


We provide repair service for hearing aids, including moisture and wax removal, as well as replacing the battery doors. Most repairs can be performed on-site. In the event we need to send your device to the manufacture, loaner instruments are available. 

In addition to providing hearing aids, we also offer custom-made hearing protection and Assistive Listening Devices. Come into our Parker and Castle Rock locations for our wide variety of audiology services.