Hearing is a big part of how you communicate with others. That’s why Parker and Castle Rock Centers for Audiology use thorough diagnoses to help your hearing and communication skills. Our patient care team will help guide you as our audiologists offer hearing evaluations, treatment, and the latest in hearing aids and other hearing devices.

With Widex hearing aids, you have a range of capabilities to help you communicate with others during everyday activities.

Benefits of Widex Hearing Aids
You’ll be able to hear and understand speech clearly, even in noisy environments. In office, outdoors or even at noisy restaurants, you’ll be able to follow every conversation thanks to your new found ability to hear again. Widex devices include stress reduction, counseling, amplification and sound stimulation. 

Special Feature
These small, discrete hearing aids assist even those with a high level of hearing loss. And with long-lasting battery life, you’ll be able to hear the entire conversation no matter how long it lasts.  These devices are perfect in windy surroundings, with an unsurpassed wind noise reduction system.

Bluetooth Capabilities
Having a conversation with others isn’t the only benefit to Widex. Bluetooth technology will allow you to enjoy wireless technology, including cell phones, radios and televisions. This hands-free technology will allow you to hear everything naturally – just as you were meant to.

There are many sequences and simulations to chose from and our audiologists can fine-tune and customize these devices to fit particular needs.

To connect with our experienced hearing team, schedule an appointment at the Parker Center for Audiology, or Castle Rock Center for Audiology today!