Hearing Aid Prescription & Fitting

Hearing aids are not one-size-fits all. So at Parker and Castle Rock Centers for Audiology, we don’t just give you the same hearing aid as anyone else. After your hearing test, we’ll use the results to determine the hearing aid that works best for you, taking into account your budget, lifestyle and the type and severity of your hearing loss.

First, our Audiologist will check your hearing using an audiometer.

This device graphs hearing loss and will produce a graph called an audiogram. By looking at the audiogram, we’ll be able to determine the frequencies you are able to hear, and from that, we’ll determine the severity of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Candidate

If your tests determine you’re a candidate for a hearing aid, we’ll help you decide which model is best for you. To do that, we’ll discuss with you several factors, including:

Certain models of hearing aids work better to treat different kinds and degrees of hearing loss. Your specific type and severity will help us determine the models that will work best for you.

If you’re very active, you’ll need a hearing aid that fits securely in your ear and won’t slip out. If you’re self conscious about wearing hearing aids, we’ll discuss our most discrete models. By taking into account your daily life, we’ll help you find the type of hearing aid that will best fit your needs.

We carry an array of hearing aids to ensure you find one within your budget.

Professional Recommendation

Based on our discussion, we’ll recommend two or more hearing aids for you to try on, so you can tell which feels most comfortable. Hearing aids don’t work if you don’t wear them, and if they’re uncomfortable, you’ll leave them at home.

Free Trial

Once you make your decision, Parker and Castle Rock Centers for Audiology offers a 60-day trial period so you can get used to your new devices. If you're not satisfied with your device, bring it to our Parker or Castle Rock location, and we’ll adjust or exchange it.

Are you ready to hear your best? Make an appointment at our Parker or Castle Rock location today.