Protecting you everyday

Did you know that everyday sounds could be damaging your hearing? It’s true. Noise exposure while you’re listening to music, in traffic, at home or on the job can affect hearing over time. We offer personalized, custom-made hearing protection for work, swimming, music, hunting and more.

One of the first signs of hearing loss is TV volume.

How many times have others said, “the volume is too loud”? Now there is a solution offered at Parker and Castle Rock Centers for Audiology. These products connect wirelessly to your TV, music player, and cell phone and put the sound directly into your hearing aids and other hearing devices! Our assistive listening devices include:

• Telephone amplifiers
• Television listening devices
• Personal FM systems
• Incredible features, such as Bluetooth capability

Assistive Listening Devices

Chances are, if you’ve called our Parker office, you’ve spoken to Sam, one of our Patient Care Coordinators.

What you probably didn’t realize was that Sam was using an ALD, called the Oticon Streamer Pro, when she answered your call. She says that she couldn’t do her job without this amazing technology that allows her to communicate without any noticeable delays. By using a Bluetooth device the Streamer Pro transmits calls straight to her hearing devices.

The Streamer Pro can be used with cell phones, landline telephones, televisions, tablets, computers, as well as personal music players, by picking up the audio signal and sending it straight to your hearing aids. Its telecoil enables you to connect to loop systems in public places as well.