Before Your Appointment

We look forward to your visit. While you’re waiting, though, feel free to view and fill out the appropriate forms and insurance information. We’re also happy to provide useful details on hearing loss and answers to frequently asked questions. You’ll find that everything you need to get the most out of your appointment is right here.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

At Parker and Castle Rock Centers for Audiology, we offer a comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation to determine the cause and severity of your hearing loss as well as possible treatment options, including hearing aids.

So, what does the test involve?

Your appointment will last about an hour and involve a series of hearing tests. We encourage you to bring along your spouse, or someone you speak with every day. This will help us with a speech discrimination hearing test, which measures how well you can understand individual words.

One of our audiologists will talk with you for about 20 minutes regarding your medical history. She'll ask about any medications you've taken, as some are linked to hearing loss. You'll tell her a little about occupations or activities that may have led to hearing loss. And you'll fill her in on the specific problems you're having, such as inability to discern speech or hear the television when it is turned up to a high volume.

The testing portion involves speech and sounds discrimination hearing tests and lasts about 40 minutes. You're ushered into a sound-proof booth and given headphones. An audiologist then chats whether you can hear noises of different frequencies and whether you can understand specific words when they are spoken.

After your hearing test, we’ll be able to determine the best treatment options tailored to you and your specific hearing loss. We'll use these results to help determine if hearing aids are right for you. If they are, one of our audiology experts will help you select the hearing aids best suited for your lifestyle, budget, and type of hearing loss.