For many reasons, suffers will delay or avoid resolving their hearing problems, often times making the issue worse.

While many may view hearing loss as an inconvenience, Dr. Erin Davlin, an audiologist at Parker & Castle Rock Centers for Audiology shares that hearing loss can have a much bigger impact on your life than you might think.

“There are more and more links that show untreated hearing loss (can lead to) a greater risk of developing dementia,” she said. “So getting your hearing checked regularly is crucial.”

When patients with hearing loss come in and try on hearing devices for the first time, they are often amazed at how much better their hearing and lives improve. Rarely do people realize just how their hearing loss is affecting them until they try on a hearing device for the first time.

And the smile these devices can bring to a patient’s face are a highlight for Dr. Davlin, too. “One of my favorite reasons for being an audiologist is when patients come in for the first time. They’re often times nervous and they’re not sure what to expect. When we put hearing devices on them to get them hearing better, the look of their face when they can hear again is priceless.”

Hearing loss can’t be restored, but it is highly preventable. When listening to music, always stay below 80 percent volume. When you are exposed to loud noises, make sure you wear hearing protection and always have your hearing tested if you think you’re experiencing hearing loss.

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