Hearing ResolutionStatistic Brain reports that 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. But less than half of these individuals maintain success for more than six months.

This statistic might seem a bit daunting, but it shouldn’t keep you from picking New Year’s resolutions that will stick.

Get on the path to lasting success by setting realistic goals for a healthier lifestyle, which includes addressing untreated hearing loss.


This year, the Parker Center for Audiology in Parker and Castle Rock, Colorado challenges our readers to try these five simple healthy hearing resolutions this year:

  1. Get Your Hearing Tested. If you’re wondering if you have untreated hearing loss, resolve to get answers now. Call and make an appointment for a hearing evaluation with the Parker Center for Audiology now at 303-857-5344!
  2. Wear Your Hearing Aids. Hearing aids have an adjustment time because your brain is adapting to a new level of sound. Keep your hearing aids in, even if it gets challenging. Set an alarm on your phone to put your hearing aids in – and keep them in!
  3. Help Others with Hearing Loss. Locate hearing loss advocacy groups in the community. For instance, volunteer at a school for the deaf or contact a community theater about captioning options. Helping others is a great way to stay proactive and involved.
  4. Read a Hearing Loss Book. It’s important to stay informed on current information and trends, and also interesting to see others’ perspectives on hearing loss. Need reading suggestions? Call the Parker Center for Audiology today to get started.
  5. Advocate for Yourself! Above all, you should be your biggest champion. You’re in control of your hearing health, so mention your restrictions in noisy listening situations, like a restaurant, to get the most out of activities you enjoy.

If you’re making hearing loss a New Year’s resolution, we’d love to hear from you! Contact the Parker Center for Audiology today at 303-857-5344 to schedule your next hearing exam today.