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Maybe the passing ambulance was closer than normal before you noticed the sirens. Maybe you needed to double check and make sure your turn signal was on because you didn’t hear the clicking noise.

As you age, your ability to hear decreases. Making the choice to drive a car can be a dangerous decision if you have hearing loss.

The main reason? If you can’t hear it, you can’t avoid it.

Most cars have alerts that activate when you aren’t wearing your seatbelt, or when you leave your keys in the ignition. Some vehicle models even have rear-view cameras that chime or beep when you get too close to an object.

Think about how these dings and beeps are keeping you and your family safe. If you can’t hear them, you, and your family, are in danger. This statement also applies to hazard noises, such as an approaching emergency vehicle or mechanical sounds like squealing brakes.

When you treat your hearing loss with digital hearing aids, you regain the ability to hear and improve your awareness while behind the wheel. If you suspect a friend or loved one may have a hearing loss, talk about the issues they have been experiencing and your concerns for their safety when driving.

At Parker Center for Audiology, we care about the people in our community and want everyone to drive safely, which includes being able to hear well while behind the wheel. If you believe your driving is affected by your hearing capabilities, schedule your appointment with one of our Doctors of Audiology. Call (303)857-5344, we have offices in both Parker and Castle Rock, Colorado.