Oticon OPNIf you’re a savvy hearing aid consumer in 2016, you’re in luck. This month, Oticon released Opn, its newest hearing aid. It’s not every day that a major change comes along in hearing technology, but the staff at Parker Center for Audiology believes that day is today!

What makes Oticon’s Opn so exciting?

This new hearing aid makes it easier for those with hearing loss to communicate effectively and stay socially active. Users report less listening effort and more ability to remember conversations – even in crowded environments. The Opn device uses the BrainHearing approach, working with the brain to ensure the highest rate of understanding with the lowest possible effort.

Most modern hearing aids use directionality, but this listening approach often has a disorienting effect on the hearing aid user in complex environments such as busy streets, crowded seminars and noisy restaurants.

Opn features a 360-degree advantage, scanning the wearer’s entire environment 100 times per second to analyze and balance each sound individually. In transmission from the device to the ear, each sound is kept on the periphery of the wearer’s hearing range, allowing for better spatial and conversational awareness.

These small, discrete hearing aids can even adapt to Bluetooth technology. Audio can be streamed from compatible devices, such as a smartphone or SmartTV, directly to the hearing aid itself.

Moreover, the Opn is the first hearing device that connects directly to the Internet. The If This, Then That (ITTT) network lets users connect to and control a range of everyday devices – like thermostats, doorbells, and even coffee makers – right through their hearing aid.

At Parker Center for Audiology, we’re excited to share more information about this new hearing aid. To schedule your appointment with one of our Doctors of Audiology, contact us today. For your convenience, we have offices in both Parker and Castle Rock, Colorado.