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We do our best to provide thorough and effective hearing care, but you don’t have to take our word for it. See what our patients are saying about our staff and services!

Shattering Misconceptions

Testimonial of actual patients as they discuss their struggles with hearing and the successes of solutions they found through Parker and Castle Rock Centers for Audiology.

Treating Tinnitus: a Patient's Experience












A patient of Parker Center for Audiology discusses his journey towards finding a treatment for his tinnitus.

Christy C.

“I’ve interviewed every audiologist in town and Linda spent more time with me than anyone else. She is fully committed to finding the best solution.” – Christy C.

Ron M.

“After returning from Afghanistan I had terrible tinnitus. The aids have helped tremendously; as soon as I put them in, the tinnitus is gone.” – Ron M.

Dave R.

“I have always been impressed with Linda because I am very difficult to fit with hearing aids. Linda will not give up until you are happy!” – Dave R.