The holiday season begins this month, bringing music, laughter, family gatherings, and special conversations. The audiology professionals at Parker and Castle Rock Centers for Audiology want to help you and your family overcome any hearing health issues that might interfere with these activities.

Family members who have not seen each other for some time may be the first to notice changes. For instance, parents may not have thought much about a child's growth, but Grandma may say he is much taller than last year. Hearing loss changes may also have happened so slowly that immediate family had not noticed.

Early signs of correctable hearing loss may include a need to turn up the television or radio more than others prefer. You may have difficulty following conversations in noisy areas with lots of background noise. Trying to hear one person in a large social gathering or busy restaurant can become difficult. Soft voices of loved ones, children or grandchildren can make you to wish they spoke louder. You may notice people tapping you on the shoulder to let you know somebody is speaking to you.

Are you or a loved on missing out on the most delightful or meaningful times of life that come through the sense of hearing? Do you find yourself or a family member struggling to hear spoken words in noisy areas, asking people to speak louder, or trying to read lips because conversations seems muffled? It may be time to get your hearing tested.

At Parker and Castle Rock Centers for Audiology, we are the hearing aid experts in Parker Colorado and Castle Rock Colorado. We can help you hear what you've been missing.

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